Two Points For The Vespa

With few females on the team, S4F took advantage of them1 whenever they had the chance, playing games that specifically called for female parts. One of these games in particular was First Date. However, not every female gelled with every male, and the only matchup used for a long time was Sarah Bean and Dave Moore.

As a result of their constant pairing, Bean and Moore had the scene worked out to a pretty exact science, including one gag that was an audience favorite and made it into nearly every performance of the game. Moore would show up at Bean's house, and after their initial flirting, he would whisk her away on his steed…that is, his Vespa scooter, to the audience-suggested date location. That they were riding on a Vespa was in itself enough to make the audience chuckle, but Moore always stepped it up a notch.

At some point, his offstage thoughts would suggest, "I need to do something to impress this girl," and Moore would say, "Hey, check out this cool move I learned from the Matrix." He would then pantomime some wacky motorcycle moves while Sarah would pretend to be nearly thrown from the vehicle. Afterward, she would respond, in a bewildered voice, "Wow, that was pretty…cool," and her offstage thoughts would usually counter with "I think I'm going to be sick," while Moore or his offstage thoughts would exclaim, "All right, two points for the Vespa!" This joke usually sent a solid wave of belly laughs through the audience.

First Date was rarely played after Bean graduated as no other pair seemed to quite capture the comedic gold Moore and Bean struck.

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