"They call me Zeus."

The classic one-liner from the Spoons for Forks variety show "Edited for Content", featured in the video short "Film Noir". During the shoot, Landon DeCrastos (who played Zeus) had to repeat this line on multiple takes, as everyone couldn't stop laughing. Its debut on April 15, 2005 proved just as hilarious and became somewhat of a phenomenon on campus.

Transcript Excerpt

Film Noir 0:58

The Detective (Matt McMahan): "Wait, do you have a name, sugar?"

The Dame (Landon DeCrastos): "They call me Zeus."

The Dame: "I told him my name was Zeus. I don't know why I said that…it was the first mythological character I could think of. Quite frankly I don't even like Zeus, I'm more of an Ares woman myself. I should of said Aphrodite—goddess of beauty—I mean look at me."

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