Stephen E. Foxworthy


Stephen E. Foxworthy (born July 18, 1983 in Indianapolis, IN) is a founding member of Spoons for Forks, actively serving from the group's inception in 2002 until his graduation in 2005. While a member of the team, he created such lovable characters as Sasquatch (from 'Sasquatch & Marty' alongside Matt McMahan), Horatio P. Ennui (one of the hosts of 'British & Black' alongside Annika Bellinger-Dace), Mr. Foster (one of the hosts of 'Foster & Son' alongside Scott Karalis), and Snapdragon T. McMuffinbottom, the perennial Expert.

Stephen currently lives in Indianapolis, IN with his wife and their two dogs.

The Basics

S4F Nickname: Sasquatch
Tenure: 2002-2005 (graduation)
Favorite Improv Game: At the Movies, Countdown, Chain Death Murder, Commercial
Favorite S4F Memories: either of the two Flora trips, the 2003-2004 member induction, "My Left Foot, the Atheist," "Sasquatch & Marty," and "British & Black" at the 2005 'Edited for Content' show
Style: Leader or Follower (depending on who else was in the scene - an ambidextrous improver, if you will)

Legends Involved In

Broken Door at PJ's Ice Cream
Director Gone Wrong or "What Kind of Father ARE You?!"
Edited for Content
Friendly Methodist Takeover
Getting Kicked Out of Our First Practice Location
Netzel Marriage Proposal
Our First Improv Show: The Opening Act for Isaac Improv
The Peanut Factory

More to come! Watch this space!

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