Peanut Factory

Another practice from the Reed Hall of Science days…

Stephen Foxworthy and Jimmy Dalton had been paired for a game (which, if Sarah Bean had been anywhere around, that meant it was more than likely Mission: Impossible) in which they had to solve the problem of a peanut factory which had run out of peanuts. Jimmy, the only improver on earth who can deny everything you do in a scene and still find a way to make it work, had told Stephen that he had no idea whatsoever what a peanut was.

So, Stephen, taking full advantage of the chalkboard at his disposal began to draw a diagram. The dialogue went something like this:

"So, you have a peanut, right? There's actually two peanuts to a shell, okay? There's one, there's the other, and there's the shell. Got it? Now, after you've opened the shell, you take the peanuts and put them into your mouth. And that is a peanut, okay?"

Stephen and Jimmy noticed raucous laughter coming from the other team members and found it odd, considering that the two of them hadn't really done anything quite that funny. The two continued anyway and after ending the scene (without solving the problem, mind), they asked their teammates what had caused all the laughter.

"You really don't know?" they asked.

"No," they replied.

"Look at the board."

They did.

And this is what they saw:

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