Our First Improv Show: The Opening Act For Isaac Improv

Before Spoons for Forks was Spoons for Forks1, they had their first public performance…ironically as an opening act to another improv troupe. On the Kresge stage Sarah Bean lead the team in 3 games, Party Quirks23 World's Worst and Countdown. The performance was actually quite good and the team was received well. Isaac Improv later commented in their act of both how much they enjoyed the student improv group and how much they felt intimidated by the team now sitting in the front row laughing/heckling as they performed. Afterwords, the team met with Isaac Improv backstage, talked and ate the rest of their complementary sub platter. Isaac also joined the team and their fans at Denny's after the show for a post-improv late-night snack.

Also notable of the night was Stephen Foxworthy's opening bit about "The Wall!" The team was introduced to generous applause, later prompting Stephen to make the audience's warm reception a joke in and of itself, pointing to the wall and exclaiming "The Wall, ladies and gentleman!" which garnered more laughs and applause.

This show is also noted as the one and only show of founding member Meg Anstrom who disappeared shortly after without a trace. She was never heard from again. If you see her, please call the toll-free S4F hotline at 1-800-SPN4FRK4. Thank you.

Why do we always break stuff?

Another bit of lore worth mentioning here is that our first show was also the occasion of our first act of vandalism. The scene of our final game, Countdown, was a men's restroom. The final stage of the countdown was wrapped up with a cherry bomb being dropped into the toilet (in this case a chair), followed by Dave throwing the chair high over his head to in simulated explosion. After the show we found that the back legs of the chair were seriously bent and that the chair was no longer usable. A little know aspect of this legend is that the next day while working in the Media and Technical Support Department at Olivet, Dave overheard the sound technician, Dale, complaining to Noel Whitis (head of Media and Technical Support at the time) about the "stupid brainless idiot" who threw a chair on the Kresge stage which could have (but didn't) damage the extremely expensive floor mics that were newly installed. The rant went on for several minutes with many more near expletives being muttered and names being given about Dave. Long story short, Dave decided to go into the room and confront Dale about what he was saying and then later report it to the Dean. Needless to say a humble apology was offered shortly after for the name calling.

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