Netzel Marriage Proposal

On April 15th, 2005, S4F performed its first sketch comedy show Edited for Content. In addition to standard improv games, several sketches were written and performed by the members of S4F. Originally, it was determined that the show would end with a sketch or sure-fire game1 so as to ensure the night ending on a high note.

After having executed what may arguably be Olivet's biggest Valentine2 in history, Adam Netzel was determined to raise the bar by proposing to his girlfriend, Kara Netzel (née Wingfield) during the show. Approaching Dave Moore, then leader of S4F, Netzel devised a plan in which a game of Drop A Line would segue into marriage proposal. The audience member normally selected to participate in the game would be Kara, and after the game had proceeded for one or two minutes, Netzel, instead of reading the line on a slip of paper, would drop to one knee and propose.

Moore worried that, since this would generate a high level of audience energy and momentum, the proposal could be detrimental to the pace and flow of the rest of the evening. It could, then, only serve as the finale, but since it was to be a surprise, not even the other members of S4F could know the real purpose of the game, particularly member Annika Bellinger, Kara's roommate. When it was announced that Drop-A-Line would finish off the evening, several S4F members voiced concerns that, since it was not a sure-fire game, it could end the show on a down note and leave the audience unsatisfied.

In order to convince the team that it would be a good idea, several decisions were made. Olivet theatre professor Jerry Cohagan was approached to be a surprise guest performer. Also, though the real purpose was not revealed, it was announced that a plant34would be used to eliminate the chance of any shenanigans from an unruly volunteer. For obvious reasons, the plant was Kara, but it was also a logical choice as she was a theatre major, had previously auditioned for S4F, and was friends with all the members of the team. Finally, S4F charter member Steve Foxworthy was selected as the other participant. Cohagan agreed to help, and the team was satisfied that, with his appearance, the planted volunteer, and Foxworthy's talent, the closing act of the show was sure to be a success.

Leading up to the performance, the only people who knew the true purpose of the final act were Netzel, Moore, Foxworthy, and Cohagan. Some consternation remained among the team members as to whether Drop-A-Line was a good closer, but Moore, Netzel, and Foxworthy continued to persuade the team that it was guaranteed to be a success.

The plan was carried off without a hitch. At the end of the show, lines previously collected from the audience were strewn about the stage, and the quartet of performers set about their routine. About two minutes in, according to plan, Netzel took a knee and proposed to Kara, who, through shock, surprise, and vigorous nodding, managed to said yes. They were married on January 21st, 2006.

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