My Left Foot, the Atheist

During the 2003-2004 season, Spoons for Forks had taken up practicing in the "game room" just off of the Red Room.1 This was a favored location by the team for sometime as it allowed for plenty of room, fewer breakable objects, and the occasional impromptu audience whenever bored Red Room denizens would wander by.

During one practice, a game of At the Movies was being played. Dave Moore was acting in the scene.2 When the suggestion for the title of the film being reviewed was asked for, Sarah Bean made the suggestion "My Left Foot, the Atheist," in reference to the Academy Award-winning 1989 film My Left Foot starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Unbeknownst to the team at the time, Dave was the only team member other than Sarah who'd actually seen My Left Foot.

Being familiar with the premise, Dave proceeded to lay down on the floor, lifting his left leg into the air and began to debate the existence of God with his left foot, to great comedic effect.3

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