Legends And Lore

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Broken Door at PJ's Ice Cream
Netzel's Marriage Proposal
Getting Kicked Out of Our First Practice Location
How Jesus Came to Join Spoons for Forks!

Tales from Improv Practice

The Justice League at a Wedding*
Director Gone Wrong, or "What Kind of Father ARE You?!"
Peanut Factory
My Left Foot, the Atheist
The Hole in Heaven*

Famous Lines

"They call me Zeus."
"Two points for the Vespa!"
"It's a buffet!"
"I have herpes!"*
"I'm a Clown!"*
"Incise me Bucklin!"*
"So, you're a whore."*

[In]Famous Improv Shows

Our First Improv Show, The Opening Act for Isaac Improv
Our Second Show, or Broken Door at PJ's Ice Cream
Friendly Takeover of the Methodist Service in Flora, IN
Christmas Banquet 2004*
Edited for Content, S4F Variety Show 2005
The McHenry Show*
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