Landon DeCrastos

I was the Chaplain of this rowdy group for 4 years. Sometimes the practices would get out of hand and inapropriate…more often than not because of me. It was I that created the secret/ disguised name that we now call "Spoons for Forks".

Nickname: Chap Daddy
Years of Service:2002-2006
Favorite Game: World's Worst, Film Noir, Superheros
Style: Follower (Don't put me with Jules)

Favorite Foods:
1. Cheeseburgers
2. Quessadillas
3. Pizza

1. Remember when I came out as the Leprachaun in the Sketch comedy show….and with the particular pair of shorts I had on, one could notice a defined crotch region?

2. "They call me Zeus."

3. "So You're a whore"

4. "You've heard of break dancing right?....This is a dance of mending."

5. "It's a buffet!"1

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