Getting Kicked Out of Our First Practice Location
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It was our very first practice in the small conference room in the Communication Department at Olivet Nazarene University. Improv practices are always rowdy and a bit over the top, but at this practice, we, according to Dr. Jay Martinson, went way too far!

We must have been being extremely loud, because Dr. Jay busted in the room right in the middle of a particularly salty scene (A scene I believe to have involved Luke Wadsworth and Jimmy Dalton, but I can't be sure). The improv game in question had to be either Party Quirks or Dating Game because Stephen Foxworthy was sent into the Comm. Dept. conference room's bathroom (attached) to avoid hearing clues. Since the door was somewhat thin and voices could be heard, Dan Aumiller accompanied Stephen into the bathroom to keep him from hearing what was going on (as was common practice in those days). Dan was singing very loudly in the bathroom with the door closed, so when they heard someone's voice at the door saying, "Guys, there's a teacher out here," Dan logically assumed it was a clue and proceeded to sing even louder! Eventually, Stephen coaxed them out of the bathroom where a livid Jay Martinson stood, utterly flabbergasted by the sight before him.

We were all sat down and extensively lectured and reprimanded for our inappropriate behavior. We were subsequently removed from the room and banned from further use of any Communications Department facilities.

Who was there?

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