Jesus Joins S4F

At the time of our first auditions, in an attempt to purge our ranks of the less-than-desirable, the original members of S4F were required to audition to stay on the team. A sign-up sheet and table were placed outside of the dining hall in Ludwig to recruit new members and for current members to express their desire to stay on the team. One of the founding members, David Gillhespy, didn't feel the need to audition for a team he was instrumental in creating, so instead of writing his own name on the sign-up sheet, he signed up as "Jesus."

The team would use this to full advantage in encouraging others to audition for the team. While manning the sign-up table, team members like Dan Aumiller would call out to passersby, "What would Jesus do? He'd audition for the improv team!"

There are no quantitative statistics to confirm the effectiveness of this recruitment tactic, but such gems as Landon DeCrastos, David Michael Moore, Adam Netzel, and Dan McMahan would certainly not have been recruited without the movement of the Spirit in the form of Jesus on the sign-up sheet.

Jesus had a fantastic audition and was accepted as a member of the team (with a brand new nickname as a result).

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