Edited For Content

Edited for Content was S4F's first large scale production. It went beyond standard improvisational comedy, involving sketch comedy1, musical parody, and pre-recorded media.

Purpose and Description

Spoons for Forks operated under the auspices of Olivet's student-led theatre group, Green Room. Though S4F enjoyed considerable leeway, by the 2004-2005 school year it was clear that it had outgrown its original "casual" student group status and was maturing into a serious theatrical endeavor. The group performed regularly on campus and had numerous paid engagements in the Wisconsin-Illinois-Indiana tri-state area.

Though S4F brought in considerable income, due to Green Room's financial structure2, it was not guaranteed that the group would benefit from every dollar it brought in and would have no way of actively saving for big-ticket items such as a vehicle to transport the group to out-of-town gigs. Since Green Room had no method in place for cash disbursal in advance of a purchase, S4F leaders placed their own finances at risk to provide resources and materials for the group and had to wait for reimbursement, a process which often took weeks or months and occasionally did not happen at all.

In order to establish a greater level of autonomy and financial freedom, S4F decided to break from Green Room and become an independent group. Already generating income from its shows, concessions, and memorabilia, S4F devised Edited for Content as the first of what would become an annual year-end comedy showcase and fundraiser.

Concept and Development

This section needs information on the conceptualization of Edited for Content from design decisions, such as why certain sketches/games were included and others were not, to venue selection and theme

Final Program

This section needs the final show layout, what games were played, what videos shown, what sketches performed, in which order, and with what performers. If anyone has a pdf or image of the program (if there was one), it should be linked here.


This section should discuss highlights of the evening, such as "Sodexho Food" sung to the tune of "A Whole New World" and Sodexho's less-than-pleased reaction, as well as overall impressions from audience members, faculty, friends, and family


How did the show help S4F, what lessons were learned and what ideas were carried forward to the next year?


Place links to movie clips, photos, etc., here.

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