Director Gone Wrong, or "What Kind of Father ARE you?!"

During the 2002-2003 season of Spoons for Forks, the team was forced to move around a lot in search of suitable practice space. Eventually, the team landed (for a time) in Reed Hall of Science.

One night at rehearsal during a game of Director, Luke W was directing Stephen Foxworthy, Brennan Vidt, and Adam Netzel on a sketch based around an intentionally funny mispronunciation of the word 'tampon' by Steve earlier that night. (He had pronounced it 'panthon' for reasons that will not be divulged here.)

Stephen was set to play a young boy who would ask his father (Adam) about a 'panthon' commercial he'd seen on television. Brennan was cast as the family dog. The scene was awkward (and incredibly funny) from the get-go, but Luke's twisted imagination is what ended up pushing this scene into "Legends" status.

The direction from Luke kept getting more and more insane. By the final act, Stephen had gone from a curious little boy to a confused little girl who had been raised as a boy by her single father and had just gone through her first period. Adam had gone from a confused father to a widower whose wife was brutally murdered, causing him to freak out at the site of blood. Brennan had gone from a loyal family pet to the horniest animal alive! (NOTE: Luke had one word of direction for Brennan throughout this entire scene: "Hornier!")

The final scene began with Stephen walking in, crying, "Daddy, my pants are red and I don't know why!" Brennan was firmly attached to his leg, bobbing up and down like a malfunctioning Whack-A-Mole machine. Adam's character was unaware that his son was, in fact, a female, and at the critical moment in our story, Steve, in a perfect falsetto exclaimed, "But, Daddy, I'm a girl!" Separating himself from the scene in order to conceive what he hoped would be the next comedic moment, Adam made the correlation, "Steve + man-boob = funny" and accordingly reached out to tweak Stephen's moob, failing to make the more important connection "daughter + boob-touch = incestuous molestation."

Not having forgotten this fact, Stephen responded with, "What kind of father ARE you?!" before storming out of the scene, with Brennan still firmly humping his leg.

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