David (Jesus) Gillhespy

David Justin Gillhespy (born April 16, 1982 in Grand Rapids, MI), also known as Jesus, is a founding member of Spoons For Forks, playing from the initial idea until 2003, when he foolishly left.

David Gillhespy currently lives in Auburn Hills, MI where he designs webs.

S4F Nickname: Jesus
Tenure: 2002-2003
Favorite Improv Game: Newscast, Countdown, Sit Stand Lay
Style: Follower, generally
How Jesus Came to Join Spoons for Forks!
Broken Door at PJ's Ice Cream
Getting Kicked Out of Our First Practice Location
Our First Improv Show: The Opening Act for Isaac Improv
How Spoons for Forks Got Its Name

More to come! Watch this space!

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