Broken Door At PJ's Ice Cream

The PJ's Ice Cream show was our second show… but many more were to follow in the tradition of breakin' stuff, and this wasn't the first.


The PJ's show was the team's first attempt at ComedySportz style improv, i.e. team vs. team improv. The teams were the "Spoons" led by Sarah Bean and the "Forks" led by then co-captain Brennan Vidt. The "Spoons" also consisted of Luke Wadsworth, Curtis Menke, Dan McMahan, Landon DeCrastos, and Dan Aumiller, while the "Forks" boasted such talent as David Gillhespy, Stephen E. Foxworthy, Nicolette Frels, David Michael Moore, and Jimmy Dalton. The team invited some ONU professors (including campus-favorite, Dr. David VanHeemst) to judge the proceedings.

Spoons for Forks performed their first of many packed houses at PJ's, wondering if someone was going to 'get wise' and call the Fire Marshall to shut them down.

When the games are all said and done1, the winner was announced as the "Spoons". The team had pre-arranged a 'fight scene' wherein the theme from Chariots of Fire was played over the P.A. while the winning team celebrated in slow-motion. The losing team then (also in slo-mo) rose up and beat the winning team to the floor, giving them their comeuppance.

How the Door Got Broken

Shortly after the show ended Jimmy and I (Luke) were carousing a few lovely ladies who had enjoyed the show. I haven't the foggiest what we were talking about, but Jimmy and I were pretty "keyed up" still from the show. To be clear, this means we were both jacked up on adrenaline and still in a improv/performing mind-set.

We were bantering back and forth with the girls talking at a mile a minute and having a grand old time when one of the girls said something that we thought was odd and the conversation suddenly fell flat. … I looked at Jimmy. Jimmy looked at me. We slowly began backing away from the girls. (In my mind we in skit-mode and were backing away to make a quick escape)

We inched back slowly… making our way towards that ill-fated door… we continued backing up, the girls giggled… and at the exact same moment we both turned and darted toward the door. We were only a few feet away but Jimmy, who was closer by inches, worked up enough speed to hit the locked door with enough force to shatter the glass.

Time stopped. All noise ended. Everyone stared.

I asked Jimmy if he was ok. He was.

I think we tried to play it off as a joke, but the damage had been done… and we all ended up chipping in some money to get the thing replaced. 20 bucks a piece? I can't remember.

But we did get free ice cream that night! (And, miraculously, were invited back.)

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