American Improv

Parodying the reality TV sensation American Idol, members of the Spoons for Forks improv team auditioned in order to "qualify" for a show in Wisner Auditorium (on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University). The participants are surprised to learn they'll be performing to the whim of the judge's suggestions during their audition instead of performing their own musical number. The action that follows is truly a wonder in improvisation.

Starring: Landon DeCrastos, Annika (Bellinger) Dace, Stephen Foxworthy, Julia (Perkinson) Oltman, Matt McMahan, Andy Gorrell, Scott Karalis, David Michael Moore and a special guest appearance by David Giove; Voiceover by David Michael Moore; Featuring music by Fatboy Slim (Right Here, Right Now); Written (improvised) by Spoons for Forks; Directed and edited by David Michael Moore; Filmed by David Michael Moore and Ashley Lowman

Fun Fact: The "shoo" noise between scenes is actually just David saying "shoo." Gotta love those homemade sound effects.

Premiere: Spoons for Forks "American Improv" show February 26, 2005.

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