A History

The True Beginning, Pre Spoons for Forks

The forming of Spoons for Forks is shrouded in mystery, but some of its history is recalled here:

After a meeting of Green Room, Sarah Bean, David Gillhespy, and Austin Dines were discussing the idea of starting an Improv team. It was decided that they would judge interest among Green Room members and perform a test show at the upcoming Green Room Christmas Party. At this point there was no restriction to membership. Basically anyone from Green Room who wanted to participate could. Auditions did not take place until later.

The First "Show" (Green Room Christmas Part 2002)

The show at the Christmas party included many participants, some of who would stay with S4F after the auditions, while others1 would be unceremoniously kicked out before the auditions even took place. The participants were2:

Games Played

Musical - This was obviously Christmas-themed and featured Stephen Foxworthy as Santa and Dan Aumiller on his lap! A song was included that focused, I believe, on Santa's smoking habit. Other songs were based around Dan's dilemma between world peace and a clockwork train, Santa's homely wife (portrayed by Austin Dines), and Santa's unfortunate elf, Stumpy (played by Brennan on his knees). Sarah and Luke played Dan's proud parents, while David "directed."

Something worthy of note about his particular game was that it was entirely scripted and not really improv at all3. The skit had been worked out beforehand pretty much line-for-line. Why? Because this was the improv team's first exposure to Green Room and we didn't want to screw it up! The only truly "improv" moment took place when Dave called an unrehearsed "musical" after Stephen's line, "I have the homeliest wife in the world!" causing Santa Steve to truly improvise a song on the spot!

The Auditions

As mentioned above, Spoons 4 Forks was originally a ragamuffin band of scalawags, scamps, rapscallions, and rogues who were free to join the team on the basis of interest alone. It was quickly4 decided by a few of the original members that order must be established. The result of this decision was the first S4F auditions. All current members were required to participate, as well as any newcomers. You can see who was a part of the original cast on the S4F Members page. The only people who didn't audition were Sarah Bean, Brennan Vidt, and David Gillhespy. Sarah and Brennan because they were our captains and Dave…well, you can read that here.

We played several games including, Mission Impossible and Countdown.

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The History of Spoons for Forks Performances

(Date Unknown) Our First Improv Show: The Opening Act for Isaac Improv

Friday, October 25, 2002 (9 p.m.) Our Second Improv Show, or, Broken Door at PJ's Ice Cream

Saturday, November 9, 2002 (9 p.m.) The D-Channel 3000 Movie Night and Improv Show, or, Welcome to Wisner

Tuesday, December 10, 2002 (8 p.m.) The Cornerstone Show

Friday, December 13, 2002 (10 p.m.) Our First Red Room Show

(Date Unknown) The Flora Shows, or, The Friendly Takeover of a Methodist Service

End first season.

The Spoons for Forks Logo


These were the initial submissions for the Spoons for Forks logo, created by David Michael Moore October 2002. From this line-up, several variations were tried on S4F promotional flyers with the silhouette form of the spoon and fork, crossing seductively5, quickly becoming the recognized brand of the troupe.

More to come, later. -David

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