For Our Children, and our Children's Children1

This wiki is for us all. If you're a Spoons for Forks member, insider or diehard fan, please take a moment to sign up and leave some web 2.0 love (see below "And now it's your turn…"). The site thrives on what we all can contribute. Even if you don't have writing skillz or think it's acceptable to use a "Z" to denote plurality, then I implore you to sign-up at the very least. We can keep track of all y'all and feed you updates when things happen.


…the official Spoons for Forks wiki site, future home of all things S4F. Now into its seventh season, Spoons for Forks has come a long way from its humble beginnings—homeless2 and without a penny3 to its cleverly acronymed name. Now an established student organization (recognized by ASC, The Kankakee Journal, and even University Admissions4 ) S4F has become a mainstay of ONU entertainment.

And now it's your turn…

…to enrich the history of Spoons for Forks by editing wiki articles on our milestones, members, games, artifacts, and inside jokes. The bare bones of the site can be found on the menu at right. Spoons for Forks members, please take a moment to complete your profile. First you will need to register under Join Wikidot: Edit This Wiki with the password "ficus". After registering, go to "S4F Members" and find your name for a stub article with instructions for you to edit.

If you are new to this, check out the how to edit pages section and documentation. If you have a quick question you can post on the messageboards under New to Wiki?.

The Silverwhere Project

  • Phase 1: Locate every Spoons for Forks member past and present and direct them to the wiki site.
  • Phase 2: Start the wiki editing engine to fill this skeleton of a virtual space with a cornucopia of S4F goodness.
  • Phase 3: Reunite on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University for the 2009 Spoons for Forks Variety Show, currently scheduled Friday, April 17. COMPLETE
  • Phase 4: CSS overhaul. (scheduled April 28)
  • Phase 5: Set-up hosting and FTP upload access for all members. Upload your pictures and link them to your article. (scheduled May 1)
  • Phase 6: Integrate site-access privileges. (not scheduled yet)
  • Phase 7: Grand opening of (scheduled June 1)
  • Phase 8: Mass publicity (i.e. "We will make millions."). (scheduled this summer)
  • Phase 9: Discussions and implementation of site sustainability. (scheduled late summer)
  • Phase 10: The Spoons for Forks "No Compromises" North American Tour. (to be announced)
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